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Titanium Dioxide Market- Essential Subset for the Paints and Coatings Market

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Titanium Dioxide Market- Essential Subset for the Paints and Coatings Market

May 20
18:52 2019
Titanium Dioxide Market- Essential Subset for the Paints and Coatings Market

Titanium Dioxide Market
The titanium dioxide market growth is projected to rise at the CAGR of 3.72% through the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

Global Titanium Dioxide Market Outlook

The flourishing construction sector and paints and coatings industry are among the most rapidly growing sectors. Growing demands in these industries are subjected to induce opportunities in the adjacent raw materials industries. Titanium dioxide is one such raw material that is heavily used in paints, tiles, and cement to provide deodorizing, anti-fouling, and sterilizing properties. As per a research report by IndustryARC, the global titanium dioxide market size was estimated at $14,123 million as of 2018. With glorifying demands from the construction sector, the titanium dioxide market growth is projected to rise at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.72% through the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

Global Titanium Dioxide Market: Leading Segments

By region, APAC dominated the global titanium dioxide demands in 2018 with 35% of the total market share. The APAC is responsible to acquire the largest market share because the region homes some of the fastest developing economies such as China and India. Both these countries are heavily populated and have expanding metropolitan areas.

By application, the construction industry is the most lucrative segment for the global titanium dioxide market. The construction industry is incrementing with an application CAGR of 3% during the aforementioned forecast period. Titanium dioxide is a material which is used in multiple stages of construction. During construction, it is applied in the cement and after construction, it is used as an essential element by the paints and coatings industry to coat buildings. 

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Global Titanium Dioxide Industry Analysis

Food and Beverage Industry: Titanium oxide is used in food and beverages packaging for enhancing opacity, which prevents the food from visible ultraviolet light. Accumulating titanium oxide in food enhances the longevity of food products. Additionally, the application of titanium dioxide is added in numerous food products as a decorative food color that optimizes the aesthetics of the product. 

Pharmaceutical Industry: Similar to the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceuticals industry uses titanium dioxide in the prevention of pills and capsules from soaring heat and UV radiations. With significant capital being invested in the production of improvised and efficient production of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, opportunities in the subsequent titanium dioxide market are set to spur in the near future.

Global Titanium Dioxide Market Trends

  • Titanium dioxide, titanium (IV) oxide, or pigment white 6 (PW6) is an organically occurring oxide of titanium. The element exhibits photocatalytic activity and is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This element is used as one of the premium ingredients in personal care products. Almost every sunscreen contains titanium dioxide. It is considered as a physical element which is prominent for UV absorption. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer annually, and the treatment cost is worth $8.1 billion. And the same source suggests that these skin cancer instances can be reduced by using sunscreen as a protection against the UV rays. Consistently increasing opportunities in the personal care industry is estimated to drag profits in the global titanium dioxide market.
  • Moreover, the paints and coatings industry is massively dependent on the automotive sector. As per the latest data obtained from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle (OICA), motor vehicle production surpassed 91 million units in the year 2018. Further, the constantly increasing demands in this sector are expected to contribute to the profits in the adjacent titanium dioxide market.

Global Titanium Dioxide Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key companies identified in the report that are currently holding majority shares in the titanium dioxide market are Tayca Corporation (Japan), Huntsman Corporation (U.S.), Cabot Corp (U.S.), The Chemours Company (U.S.), Tronox Limited (U.S.), Kronos Worldwide Inc. (U.S.), Cristal (Kuwait), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Cinkarna Celje (Slovenia), Lomon Billions (China), and Ishihara Sangyo Kaishal Ltd. (Japan).

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What can you expect from the report?
The Titanium Dioxide Market is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:
1. Titanium Dioxide Market Size by Product Categories & Application         
2. Titanium Dioxide Market trends & Relevant Market Data
3. Manufacturer Landscape                                   
4. Distributor Landscape                                    
5. Pricing Analysis                                        
6. Top 10 End-user Analysis                                
7. Product Benchmarking                                    
8. Product Developments                                    
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis                            
10. Patent Analysis
11. Titanium Dioxide Market Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)
12. Country-level Analysis
13. Competitor Analysis
14. Titanium Dioxide Market Shares Analysis
15. Value Chain Analysis
16. Supply Chain Analysis
17. Titanium Dioxide Market Strategic Analysis
18. Titanium Dioxide Market Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
19. Opportunity Analysis
20. Titanium Dioxide Market Revenue and Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?

Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

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