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Ramon Peralta – A man that walks his talk in every way

October 10
12:50 2022

Ramon Peralta is setting the blueprint for building a personal brand. As an entrepreneur who launched his own brand after being laid off in 2008, he has spent the last 15 years growing and scaling Peralta Design, a digital marketing agency best known for their trademarked slogan “We Launch Brands®”

Once a founder has established his business, it then time to continue building his/her brand by establishing themselves as a subject matter expert (SME). Having authored his first book, Launch Your Brand, Peralta shares his best practices, strategies and techniques for entrepreneurs and small business owners to differentiate themselves with branding, web, and digital marketing. 

The TEDx Talk was borne as the next logical step in Ramon’s brand evolution. In this riveting presentation produced by TEDxDerryLondonderryStudio and curated with Gary B. Doherty.

Ramon implores entrepreneurs and founders to Be Themselves to succeed. Ramon’s passion for helping others succeed is evident as he openly shares lessons learned in growing his own business and brand. 90% of entrepreneurs fail in the first two years and Ramon’s vision is to see a world where everyone has an opportunity to share their gifts, help others all while earning a living doing what they love.

Ramon discusses three simple principles in his talk that will move you towards success instead of failure. He has seen individuals go from idea to success but also some who have given up on their dreams and failed. Here are the three principles.

1. Be yourself

Ramon is astonished that so many people spend so much of their life not being themselves! Everyone else is taken he says. Do not hide from your past, Ramon himself knows this from his own life experience. His troubles and challenges made him stronger. He faced his challenges, and they shaped him into the man he is today, and it can for you to. If you let it. Be yourself. Use your gifts to help others. Ramon does that in this talk. He reiterates ‘be the best version of yourself.’

2. Fire yourself.

You wanted to break free from the 9-5 grind. You started your own business to be free. You must become less and less important in your business. Remove your ego. Think ‘we’ over ‘I’ Ramon states. Collaboration is key! You can delegate out what you are not good at and what you do not enjoy. Focus on what you are good at and enjoy doing. Think ‘who’ not ‘how’. Fire yourself.

3. Invest in yourself.

You cannot buy more time. Invest in your health, self-care etc. What is the point of becoming an entrepreneur if you do not look after yourself? You will feel better, think better and you will have better results. Forget the ‘grind’ culture it is not healthy or sustainable. We have all heard about it. Put your health first. Invest in yourself. Rest is crucial. Be strategic. Invest in yourself today.

Be yourself, Fire yourself, Invest in yourself.

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