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Meshx launched its first blockchain-based DApp – MeshxTalk

January 31
16:15 2019

On January 30, 2019, Meshx launched its first blockchain-based DApp — MeshxTalk. MeshxTalk integrates instant messaging and blockchain wallet and provides services such as sharing, games, entertainment, e-commerce and retail. The launch of MeshxTalk marks a historical milestone in building a comprehensive Meshx ecosystem and a one-stop platform for community users.

After more than 20 years of development, the instant messaging software,like Wechat and WhatsApp, is no longer a simple chatting tool. It has evolved into a platform integrating communication, information and e-commerce.

In terms of functions, the traditional IM software can meet the demands of traditional industries, but how about the demands of the new industry blockchain?

One of blockchain’s most distinguishing features is decentralization and community building is critical to the success of a blockchain project. Community members come from all over the world, usually with huge numbers and different languages, which makes it extremely challenging to manage.

The first step in building a community is to have an effective communication tool. Traditional IM software, like WeChat, is not conducive to large-scale community management because a Wechat group can’t have more 500 members. In addition, Wechat can’t guarantee privacy protection, an issue people are more and more concerned about. Therefore, people are turning to the new IM software such as Telegram, which is highly encrypted and conducive to large-scale community management. However, the flow of information is too fast and messy, making it difficult to manage and guide a community.

So how can we manage a large-scale community and provide encrypted communication and secure transaction for users?

As a development team for blockchain technology, Meshx seized this opportunity and started the MeshxTalk project in 2018.

The advantages of MeshxTalk

MeshxTalk can help you communicate efficiently with a wide range of community users and easily gather their feedback. Project activities such as airdrops and awards can also be posted on MeshxTalk.

For community users, on the one hand, they can communicate with other users on MeshxTalk.On the other hand they can also get first-hand project information.

In addition, with our peer-to-peer MeshxTalk wallet, cross-border transactions can become easy and convenient, for example:

User B wants to travel abroad with his family.First they need to exchange for some foreign currency, and the bank will charge them handling fee. When they return, they need to convert their foreign currency into their local currency. The process is very complicated. However, if you use MeshxTalk, payment will be very easy: Just scan the QR code and transfer the MXT to the seller.And the payment completes!

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