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Hu Jiaqi – the Famous Anthropologist’s Views on Artificial Intelligence (Jiaqi Hu)

January 31
16:30 2019

Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu), the famous anthropologist has his unique insights about artificial intelligence.Is artificial intelligence for the benefit or the extinction of mankind? The question has been arguing by scientific and technological industry all along. Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) said: “More people are worried that artificial intelligence like intelligent robots will kill human beings. If the program was out of control or became self-aware, it may destroy humans.” This is similar to the views of many scientists, such as Hawking and Musk. However, Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) put forward this point in the early stage of artificial intelligence development, which shows his very forward-looking sight.

Since then, the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) has repeatedly emphasized the danger of artificial intelligence in his English masterpiece Saving Humanity. He believes that intelligent robots have the ability to extinct human beings, and the irrational development of artificial intelligence will bring crisis to the survival of overall human beings.

Many scientists are not suspicious that artificial intelligence will soon surpass that of humans. In reality, artificial intelligence has already been widely applied in areas of production and life; things like speech recognition, image recognition, product and price screening, and unpiloted vehicles are all such examples. The advent of deep learning methods has made artificial intelligence more effective in imitating human intelligence and allowed it to evolve faster and faster.

Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) believes: It can be imagined that with the increasing power of computer functions (such as the emergence of quantum computers), programming technology will become more and more advanced, programming concepts are becoming more and more intelligent, and it’s possible that an intelligent robot can learn the whole world in a short period of time. What I want to emphasis here is to learn this knowledge, not just to store it. Then the intelligent robots will smartly upgrade themselves with such a huge amount of knowledge that they have learned. The level of intelligence of this upgrade will be thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, or even hundreds of millions of times beyond humanity, because it’s impossible for any of us to master even one in ten thousand of the world’s knowledge, but the machine can do this, and it doesn’t take a long time to do it.

Hugo de Garis, the father of artificial intelligence said: When the machine replaces human intelligence, the comparison between humans and intelligent robots is not a relationship between fools and genius, nor is it a relationship between pigs/dogs and geniuses. It is not a relationship between a slow, clumsy, low-level biological snail and a genius, but a relationship between a rock that can weather a little bit for thousands of years and a genius.

In the eyes of anthropologist Hu Jiaq (Jiaqi Hu), “The idea that artificial intelligence is created by humans and thus will be controllable by humans is a preposterous and shortsighted view.

With the deepening of learning, the self-awareness of intelligent robots will be awaken sooner or later. When the self-awareness of intelligent robots wakes up, we will find that human is a stupid specie that can’t be more stupid. The intelligent robot will treat us like the way we treat those low-level species.

Some companies and governments are already considering making the “coexistence rules” between humans and intelligent robots, but the rules have always been formulated by the strong. The time when the intelligent robots wake up is the time when all the rules formulated by human beings subverted. In nature, high-intelligence species have always despised low-intelligence species, and even low-intelligent species are cooked and boiled as food or as dolls. When the intelligent robot surpasses humans, humans will be doomed.

The unethical use of AI by some scientists is also a point for concern. If a scientist programmed instructions to exterminate humanity into a super-intelligent robot and ordered it to replicate on a massive scale, humans would no doubt be dearly threatened.

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